Below is a basic liquid fertilizer program for 160 bushel an acre corn. Each formula should be adjusted to fit your soil needs.

Place this mix on the seed or 2x2 at planting:

  • Pro-Germinator®      4 gallons     Phosphorus 

  • Sure-K®                     6 gallons    Potassium Source

  • Micro-500™               2 quarts      Zinc & micros

  • eNhance™                 2 quarts      ​

High NRG-N may be placed 2x2 at planting or side dressed:

High NRG-N ™         30-45 gallons    
                                  Multi form Nitrogen with Sulfur

eNhance™                2 gallons/ton of 28% UAN                                              reduces amount of 28%                                                  needed by 10-20%

accesS™                  1 gallon per 5lbs of Sulfur needed 17% Sulfur

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