Soil Sampling

Ag Pro Farm Service offers soil sampling in grid format. Recommendations can be generated for lime and gypsum rates in VRT or conventional format for your application purposes. Samples can be pulled on any size field.

Soil Sampling available:

  • 2.5 acre grid

  • 5 acre grid

  • Composite samples

When soil sample results are finished your salesman will meet with you to discuss the results and recommendations that have been generated for your soil nutrient needs.

Soil Sample results and recommendations can be done electronically. The customer will have the ability to log in, to all their soil sample information through a web portal on our site to view their samples at anytime. Log In

Please contact us if you would like your acres sampled to manage and maintain your soil nutrients.


Ag Pro Farm Service  has many resources available to help diagnose any problem that you may be experiencing with your crops. The experiences and education we have had over past years and in continuing education today, has allowed us follow current issues that local farmers may be experiencing and have learned the best, most efficient way, to solve these issues.

If you are experiencing any issues with your crops, please contact us to help diagnose your issue and maximize your crop yield.


Ag Pro Farm Service  has the resources to produce a variety of knowledge and has the resources to produce a variety of reccomendations to best suit your needs and practices. Current reccomendations include but are not limited to:

  • Lime

  • Gypsum

  • Liquid Fertilizer

Have Ag Pro Farm Service develop a prescription that best suit your soil needs today!

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